What is UVDL?

UVDL is an ultraviolet sterilizing locker that can accommodate any item needing quick disinfection. You activate the device with a simple hand wave that unlocks the unit for your item requiring sterilization.

It has the potential to be installed in any public place, given its placement feasibility and ease of operation.

Kyieme has a background in logistics and finances, and Jenna has experience as an administrative/executive assistant. They are both New Jersey Natives who saw a need and invented a solution to meet that need. In addition, they have recently expanded their family of three to a family of four.

How We Came Up With The Product

While out at a nightclub, they were both faced with the issue of what to do with their drinks. While in the men's room, Kyieme saw multiple people either holding their beverages over the urinals or placing them down in unsanitary places within the restroom. Jenna also overheard women discussing having to quickly finish their drinks or take them into the restroom, exposing them to germs to avoid the risks of leaving drinks unattended. They discussed these dilemmas and how to solve this problem everyone faces when patronizing these establishments.


Kyieme (Founder)
Jenna (Founder)